HOTEL BOBYCENTRUM v Brně hodnocení

Cafe SHINY is part of our hotel. Quiet location near the center of the city with convenient parking close to the cafe offers you the best for your meetings. A successful day starts with a good breakfast and a good cup of coffee, Cafe SHINY offers you both. Breakfast menu is served every day from 8:00 a.m. till 11 a.m. along with a good cup of coffee Varesina which is rightly belongs among the “Gourmet coffee”. Coffee Varesina is made up of 20 kinds of the best coffee beans grown on plantations in Central and South America. In addition to the breakfast menu is served lunch menu, always fresh desserts or light snacks.


phone number +420 533 555 931


Breakfast is served from 8 a.m. till 11 a.m.

Menu I
Scrambled eggs with onions, ham, butter, fresh cut vegetables, bread roll
Menu II
Ham and eggs with grilled tomato slices, bread roll
Menu III
Eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce, ham and toast
Menu IV
2 pieces pancakes with chocolate cream or fruit jam, fruit and whipped cream
Menu V
Fine sausages with vegetable garnish, mustard, horseradish and bread roll
Menu VI
Grilled seasonal vegetable with bacon chips, bread roll

Price per breakfast is 150 CZK.

You can also enjoy buffet breakfast in our hotel restaura Inspiritaion.

Restaurant INSPIRATION offer hot and cold buffet, a choice of several cereals, hot and cold drinks, platters, fruit and much more.

Price per buffet breakfast is 180,- CZK.



80 g  Foie gras marinated in port wine 1 140 CZK
on apricot chutney with red pepper, served with roasted herb baguette
80 g   Beef carpaccio7 185 CZK
with green pepper, baby spinach, Parmesan cheese and lime


0,33 l      Chicken broth with chopper meat,1,3,7,9 45 CZK
root vegetables, celery and fried noodles
0,33 l      French onion soup 1,7,9 55 CZK
with white wine and cheese stick made of leaf dough
0,33 l      Soup of the day 35 CZK


220 g    Chicken Supreme marinated in lemon thyme 7 230 CZK
served on pea puree with mushroom cream, decorated with red salt
250 g      Grilled pork tenderloin larded with foie gras 7   195 CZK
on cream risotto from Carnaoli rice with white wine and mascarpone
250 g      Grilled Australian Flank steak from a young bull 1,7 380 CZK
on shallot marmelade with roasted vegetables Julienne and herb baguette
200 g       Slowly roasted sea bass 4,7  260 CZK
with creamy capparis sauce made from white wine, served on the Grenaille potatoes with watercress and rosemary


350g      Genuine Caesar salad with butter croutons, 1,3,4,7 145 CZK
anchovy dressing and Italian bacon – Pancetta
100g      Extra Chicken Supreme to Caesar salad 50 CZK
200g      Grilled goat cheese 4,7       260 CZK
on light lettuce salad with honey pear


100g      Almond Crème brûlée with seasonal fruit 3,7,8 65 CZK
100g      Plums poached in port wine and honey 7 85 CZK
with rum ice cream


200 g  Roasted Grenaille potatoes with garlic and thyme  49 CZK
200 g   French fries 39 CZK
450 g      Desserts of the day 39 CZK


The list of allergens

1. Grains containing gluten 8. Shell fruits
2. Crustaceans and its products 9. Celery and its products
3. Eggs and its products 10. Mustards and its products
4. Fish and its products 11. Sesame seeds
5. Groundnut and its products 12. Sulphur dioxide and sulphites
6. Soybeans and its products 13. Lupins and its products
7. Milk and its products 14. Mollusc and its products